Praise for 100 Strong Residency Interview Questions, Answers, and Rationales

This book was a quick read with lots of thought provoking questions and answers to help prepare for pharmacy residency interviews. I genuinely feel that I had an edge on the other interviewees after reading this and feel more prepared than expected. Not only does this book provide questions and answers that may be asked by interviewers, it also has links to helpful resources throughout the text and provides some questions that the interviewees may want to ask interviewers and current residents. Highly recommend.

Kayla - Amazon Review

Whether you are preparing for residency, job or internship interviews, this book is a great resource! It extensively covers all questions you might receive and gives great responses that will help you self-reflect when creating your own answers. It is also a very quick and easy listen. I listened to the entire book during a plane ride! Thank you Tony and Daniel for this guide, as I believe it will be of great help during my residency interviews.
Shannon S. - Amazon Review